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Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Focused on B2B lead appointment setting: Our Major Account sales appointment setting services are targeted to clients whose primary focus is selling "complex" B2B products and/or services. These types of sales are usually "non commodity" items that typically involve: "Decision makers at the Owner, Director, VP or C level of contact.”

A "solution sell process" with business leads where the prospects have a specific problem that needs to be solved.

Asking the prospect to make a large purchase.

Spending ample time and tending to the right B2B sales leads is absolutely essential to closing those big deals. When we talk about Appointment Setting someone needs to first go through time-consuming, frustrating cold-calling and pre-qualifying activities. Appointment setting is a challenging task, every successful telemarketing campaign begins with a plan, and it is important that you know who you are targeting. Let Foxtin take care of AG and let your B2B sales team focus on those hot leads. We prospect. You close. Our B2B Appointment Setting solution commonly consists of a fully-trained, dedicated team, always busy in delivering sales qualified leads. All you have to do is convert them into live business deals.