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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is usually claimed to be an incredibly effective marketing tactic. Email Marketing is a tool used by companies to promote their product, services or offering. The level of Email Marketing determines the success of the actual Event.

Ever wanted to have a qualified email marketing list without having to connect with them? This service helps you get contacts of the right party and have their consent to receive marketing collateral from your end.

Our Email Marketing process not only helps market your event to make it a success, it also enables you to gain particular insights into the type of people attending. We deliver tailored Marketing to be specific to your particular campaign.

Email Programs:

Our proprietary email list building service is a customized solution for both your existing customer base and new business prospects. Our email programs build customer bases, establish and enhance your brand and communicate with your target audience. This solution allows you to utilize one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools at your disposal email marketing. Acquiring quality email addresses is a key to marketing success.

We utilize a permission based marketing strategies to build email contact lists. Customer email list development allows you to send opt in emails with the purpose of enhancing your business relationship with new, current or older customers and encourages customer loyalty and repeat business.

Email List building: How our process works:

  1. Foxtin builds your proprietary opt in email list by first developing a targeted contact list built with your custom criteria such as SIC Code, Geography, Sales Volume and more.
  2. Then our marketing team develops outbound email collateral reflecting your marketing goals. These documents include email newsletters, high value marketing collateral and targeted white papers.
  3. Foxtin then contacts your key decision maker via phone and seeks permission to add their email address to your opt-in list.
  4. Foxtin then provides real-time reporting, tracking, and list management tools to insure maximum efficiency, deliverability, and actionable statistics.